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This throat spray combines the anti-inflammatory and healing power of Manuka Honey and rockrose.

In addition to Manuka honey - a natural antimicrobial broad-spectrum probiotic with extraordinary healing power that is effective against a wide range of germs - cistus is also used here for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect.

According to medical tests and the opinion of experts, rockrose inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria in the body and thus has an immune-boosting effect.

The polyphenols and flavinoids contained are responsible for this. In addition, flavinoids belong to the group of so-called "antioxidants". They are therefore able to fight free radicals in the organism.

The throat spray has been further perfected with propolis, manuka oil and vitamin C and zinc.

Recommended use: Spray 2 x 4 sprays (equivalent to 1ml) a day into the throat or as needed.
Shake before use.
Filling quantity: 30 ml in a high-quality Miron violet glass with spray head.

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