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Organic Essential Manuka Oil 15ml

Organic Essential Manuka Oil 15ml


  • Manuka oil is the strongest antibacterial essential oil.
    Manuka oil is useful and recommended for its pain-relieving, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and immune-boosting properties.
    It helps with all respiratory conditions, including coughs, colds and the treatment of colds and flu.

    Body level: Manuka oil is very well tolerated on the skin and mucous membranes.
    It has a stabilising and regenerating effect and supports the healing of bacterial infections and fungal diseases.
    Psychological – spiritual level: Manuka oil strengthens people with a very sensitive vegetative nervous system.
    Due to this stabilisation it is suitable for the treatment of all psychosomatic symptoms that can be traced back to stress and inner instability.
    Overall, Manuka oil offers protection in the case of hectic and excessive demands.
    Manuka oil is a wonderful helper for all inflammatory skin problems.
    However, it not only makes sensitive skin and mucous membranes more robust, but also helps to increase the body’s own defences.


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