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Organic Manuka Honey (MGO 514+)

Organic Manuka Honey (MGO 514+)


  • MLM Manuka Honey was awarded Gold in the Quality category at the London International Honey Awards 2022.
    The MLM organic Manuka honey has a high MGO content of 514+. In addition, it is characterised by its purity of the highest level monofloral thanks to the very high content of Manuka pollen (96 % Manuka guide pollen).
    Typical amber colour and fine flavour, crystalline structure.

    Organic Manuka Honey (MGO 514+)
    100% natural and monofloral
    MGO Methylglyoxal mg/kg 514+

    Determination of the content of saccharides, fructose, glucose, sucrose and maltose:

    Fructose* g/100 g 40,9
    Glucose* g/100 g 31,7
    Maltose* g/100 g 0,7
    Isomaltose* g/100 g 0,4
    Erlose g/100 g 0,3
    Maltotriose* g/100 g 0,2
    F/G ratio 1,29
    Summe Fructose & Glucose 72,6
    Total reducing sugars* 74,9

    *Reducing sugars = fructose, glucose, turanose, maltose, isomaltose, maltotriose

    Detection of foreign sugars: No

  • Weight 0,250 kg


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