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„All is energy.“
Be aware of this and decide what is good for you.

Healing Power from the Pristine Nature of New Zealand.
According to our philosophy of life:

„The good belongs among the people“, MLM Manuka offers 100% natural organic Manuka honey (in a violet jar), as well as certified organic Energy Natural Cosmetics.

MLM-Manuka was awarded gold in the „Quality“ category at the London International Honey Awards 2022.

Manuka, also called South Sea Myrtle or New Zealand Myrtle, is native to the outlying and mountainous regions of New Zealand.

The plant contains essential oils that have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.
Thus, it has always been used by the indigenous people, the Maoris, to treat wounds, ulcers and skin diseases.

Manuka honey, the „Golden Nectar“ from New Zealand, has legendary therapeutic qualities - scientific research has shown that Manuka honey can be used to strengthen the immune system, heal wounds and treat resistant ulcers.

Manuka oil is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, deodorant, expectorant, immunostrengthening, insecticidal properties.

In the medical database „Public Medicine" there are over 30 studies on this plant species, most of which focus on the immunostimulatory and antibacterial properties of honey and its effectiveness.

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